Camp Cooking.

Quality Cookware Designed for Adventure.

Professional Quality. Compact Design.
Robust Construction. Built to Last.
Naturally Non-Stick
Gas, Fire & Induction Compatible.
GOSO Cookware is the best camping cookware you'll ever own.

What makes us better?

Professional Quality, in the Outdoors

Carbon Steel Construction
14 Ga steel pan heats quickly and spreads heat well. Won't bend and break like aluminum camp pans
Compact Design
Patented removable handle & unique nesting design
Non-Stick Seasoning
Seasons like cast iron without the weight. No PTFO coatings either
Built to last.
Robust and thoughtful materials. Simple design. Field Serviceable.
Cook Anywhere
Ready for a gas stove, open fire or induction burner.

What's our Mission?

Food is too good not to share!

We know that one of the greatest joys while camping is sharing great food with the people you love.So, we are bringing together good people & good food in the great outdoors! It's time to Get Outside & Stay Outside!For our community we're creating quality cookware, delicious recipes and drool worth inspiration to fuel your appetite for adventure.Life is too short to eat bad food, so we make cooking great food out on the trail something you look forward to.EVERYONE'S INVITED TO EAT AT OUR TABLE. #thisisgosogood

Product Qualities

Carbon Steel

High-carbon steel has been proven in professional kitchens to be an excellent material to produce cookware from.It is seasonable, just like cast iron which makes it NATURALLY NON-STICK but a fraction of the weight.14Ga Steel, it heats up quickly and evenly.From an campfire to an induction stove, these pans are ready to be used how you like to cook.Love 'em, and they'll love you back The material is robust and sturdy. With proper care, these pans will help fuel decades of adventure.

Get a grip!

Removable Handle.
Compact, Modular design

Our Removable handle is what really sets us apart from all other cookware. The proprietary design allows the handle to be completely removed when not in use, or clamp onto the pan for professional level performance.The modular design allows the griddle pan to act as a lid for the 8" or 11" to use the set for baking or both the griddle and 11" pan can be heated together to be used as a sandwhich press. Uses are only limited by your imagination.The Nesting design of the pans allow all three pieces to fit together in compact fashion.

Product Qualities

Built For Life, Outside.

Professional Chefs, Long term adventurers, and experienced outdoor guides have all help refine GOSO cookware.
By buying GOSO cookware, you are committing to quality and a lifetime of good cooking.
Because the materials are so simple, they are easy to maintain, no matter where your adventures take you.
Our products are all sourced, designed and built in North America.

Who are we?

The GOSO Story

GOSO Founder, Brent, Loves motorcycles, cooking and camping. Trying to do this as much as possible, he grew frustrated with the current offerings in the camp cookware market. Cast iron pans are heavy, aluminum bends and is coated in toxins, nothing packs compactly as possible. GOSO cookware was founded to solve these problems and create the best frying pan the outdoor world has ever known.

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